All Good Things Come To An End

Hiking in Finland on Blogger is dead.

Long life Hiking in Finland on Octopress! now runs on Octopress!

I've been talking a lot about it over the past months, and I finally found the time to design the new site ready for launch. It is online now since a week and working very well, and I think it will offer you a superior reading experience. Superior as in having a responsive design and looking awesome on your tablet, smartphone, super-wide screen desktop PC as well as laptop. Superior as in being a static design and loading in an instant. Superior as in allowing me to write in Markdown, offline in my favourite text editor. Superior as in being hosted on Github. Superior as in me owning my content and having full control over it.

Why not Wordpress? Lets just say WP and its bloated PHP + databases & horrible online editor and me don't get along. Octopress is lean, responsive, and fast, just as I like it.

So this is the last article you're going to read on Blogger. Point your browser now towards and experience the future =)

Make sure to re-subscribe to the RSS feed in case you experienced some troubles, though I transferred all 1600 of you over, and if you're tempted, also subscribe to the Email newsletter. And definitely re-size your browser window to see the swell new responsive design =)


wtf Hendrik, where's all the content? No worries, mate. Head over to the Hiking in Finland Archives where you'll find everything I've ever written. Swell.


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